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      « September 2016  |  November 2016 »

      October 2016 news and reviews

      October 31
      G-Technology introduces its first SSD portable stand-alone drive

      Storage company G-Technology has announced a new stand-alone SSD storage device that it claims can manage transfer speeds of up to 540MB per second. Read more

      LaCie unveils Thunderbolt 3 desktop storage devices

      LaCie has launched the 12big, 6big and BoltThunderbolt 3 storage desktop devices, claiming them as the fastest in the world and suitable for 4K and 6K video content. Read more

      Lume Cube returns to Kickstarter with the Life Lite mini LED cube

      Lume Cube has launched a Kickstarter for the Life Lite, the follow-up product to its original Lume Cube LED-lighting cube. Read more

      Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 / G80 Review

      Panasonic's G85 is weather-sealed, has 5-axis in-body stabilization, 4K video capture, a new focus stacking mode and a fully-articulating touchscreen. Does it live up to these impressive specifications? Learn more

      Google Pixel XL real-world sample gallery

      The Google Pixel XL landed in our office recently, and in addition to a trip to the studio, it's been around the neighborhood for some real-world shooting. See gallery

      Nikon Small World 2016 winners announced

      Nikon has revealed the winning images of its 2016 microphotography competition. Read more

      October 30
      Carry-everywhere convenience: Sony RX100 V samples gallery update

      With the RX100 V review on the horizon, we've been carrying one with us everywhere to take as much advantage of whatever daylight we've got left in Seattle this time of year. Beaches, motorcycles and fall color abound in our updated samples gallery. Read more

      October 29
      Watch thousands of books being reshelved in a two minute time-lapse

      After a two-year closure for repairs, the Rose Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library reopened earlier this month. That meant a whole lot of books had to go back on the shelves. See video

      October 28
      Nikon KeyMission action cameras now shipping in US

      Nikon first acquainted us with its rugged action camera line back at CES in January. Today, the first KeyMission cameras are finally starting to ship to US customers. Read more

      Facebook takes aim at Snapchat and Prisma with new camera features

      Facebook is testing filter and effects options that are remarkably similar to the kind offered by Snapchat and the popular Prisma app on its in-app camera. Read more

      YI M1 Sample Gallery

      We took the new YI M1 out on the town, and to eastern Washington, in search of some fall color. See gallery

      October 27
      Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar'

      Apple has announced three new MacBook Pro models. The long-awaited new 13" and 15" MacBook Pros bring performance boosts compared to the previous generation, revamped ergonomics, and a new 'Touch Bar'. Read more

      DJI Phantom 4 drone with 24-carat gold plating goes on sale for £20k

      Why settle for cheap, sensible plastic when you can experience true luxury flying a 24-carat gold plated DJI Phantom 4? Read more

      Sigma introduces trio of firmware updates for Quattro, MC-11 and 150-600mm F5-6.3

      Sigma has released firmware updates that improve the functionality of its sd Quattro camera, the MC-11 adapter and both versions of its 150-600mm F5-6.3 zoom lens. Read more

      Throwback Thursday: Game Boy Camera

      It's an 8-bit Throwback Thursday as we remember the Game Boy Camera, an accessory for Nintendo's classic handheld gaming system. Read more

      Video: Game Boy Camera revisited

      Watch as DPR staff re-familiarize themselves with the Game Boy Camera – or in some cases, pick it up for the very first time. See video

      Kipon launches EF to Sony E adapters with built-in variable ND filter

      Chinese lens and accessory maker Kipon has introduced an adapter that includes a variable neutral density filter, primarily for video shooters. Read more

      October 26
      Microsoft Surface Studio morphs the photographer's desktop into a studio

      Microsoft announced a new product class in the Surface Studio: a desktop all-in-one with touch/pen support. Its 28" 4.5K display with drafting table ergonomics will transform a desktop into a studio, while Windows 10 Creators Update hopes to democratize 3D and mixed reality. Read more

      Chronos 1.4 is a $2500 camera that can shoot at 21,650 fps

      A new video shows off the features and high framerate capabilities of the Chronos 1.4, a prototype high-speed camera. Read more

      Google acknowledges lens flare issue on Pixel camera, promises software fix

      Google Pixel users report a strong tendency of the device's camera to produce lens flare. Google is aware of the problem and has promised to implement a software fix for the camera's HDR+ mode. Read more

      'It's about sharing your beautiful experience': Nikon Photokina interview

      Photokina 2016 gave us a chance to speak to Nikon about the models it's showing, where the market is going and the challenges it faces. Read more

      An array of Canon 400mm F2.8L II lenses is helping astronomers discover new galaxies

      What do you get when you point two dozen telephoto lenses at the stars? A telescope that's perfect for discovering new galaxies, it turns out. Read more

      The Sony a99 ll will be available on time – but in very short supply

      Sony has announced that its a99 ll full-frame camera will go on sale on November 25th as expected, but it will not be able to supply nearly enough to meet demand right away. Read more

      October 25
      LG V20 owners report fragile, easily cracked camera glass

      Numerous reports have surfaced from LG V20 owners claiming that the glass covering the smartphone's rear camera is easily shattered. Read more

      Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 looks a whole lot like the Samsung Note 7

      Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 offers a 22MP sensor, 5.7" display and looks a lot like Samsung's discontinued Note 7 model. Read more

      Google Pixel XL added to mobile studio test scene comparison

      The weather hasn't been cooperative here for sample galleries, so while we work on finishing our Google Pixel XL gallery, we put it in front of our studio test scene. Read more

      Starling vortex wins £10,000 Landscape Photographer of the Year prize

      The winners of the 2016 Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year competition have been announced, with a shot of a flock of starlings flying in front of Brighton Pier taking the top prize. Read more

      iOS 10.1 adds 'beta' support for Portrait mode to iPhone 7 Plus

      Apple has released an update to iOS 10, which alongside various bug fixes and refinements, adds support for 'Portrait' mode in the iPhone 7 Plus. Read more

      October 24
      Facebook is planning to relax censorship rules for newsworthy images

      Facebook has decided to abandon its blanket ban on nudity in images, following intense criticism after the deletion of Nick Ut's image 'Napalm Girl' from the Facebook page of a Norwegian newspaper. Read more

      Swedish court rules drone photography is surveillance and requires a permit

      A Swedish court has ruled that any drone carrying a camera shall be considered a tool for surveillance and will require a license. Read more

      Oldest existing Nikon I camera goes up for auction with original lens and case

      The oldest known Nikon camera in existence has gone up for auction at WestLicht. This particular Nikon I, serial number 60924, was made in April 1948 and is the third camera produced by Nikon. Read more

      Got Reach? Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 G2 sample gallery

      Tamron's updated SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 G2 comes with pretty a hefty price increase. We took the new lens out on the town to get a feel for its performance. See gallery

      October 23
      Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 winners announced

      The winners of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition have been announced, and the camera that captured the grand title image is probably not what you'd expect it to be. Read more

      October 22
      The range of light: what made one of Ansel's most famous books so special

      Marc Silber continues his video series with Ansel Adam's son Michael. He discusses Ansel's book 'The Range of Light', his thoughts on developing your skill set and more. Check out the complete interview. See video

      October 21
      Manfrotto launches new FluidTech Base and monopod kits for stills and video

      Accessories manufacturer Manfrotto has introduced a new series of monopod kits called XPRO Monopod+ and a new FluidTech Base to help videographers to achieve smooth pan, tilt and swivel motions. Read more

      Camera components represent 9.5% of total iPhone 7 material cost

      Analyst firm Chipworks estimates the cost of the iPhone 7 camera to be $26, or 9.5% of the total bill of materials. Read more

      Hands-on with Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8E and PC Nikkor 19mm

      Nikon just released two new lenses - the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8E FL ED VR and PC Nikkor 19mm F4E ED. We're at the Photo Plus show in New York, where we got our hands on them. Read more

      Keep calm and carry on: tips for safely transporting spare camera batteries

      If you're concerned that the lithium-ion batteries that power your camera will pull a Note 7, we've got good news: with proper handling it'll be smooth sailing for you and your spare batteries. Read more

      Hasselblad introduces keystone and local highlight recovery in Phocus 3.1

      Hasselblad has released the latest version of its Phocus software. Version 3.1 adds a new perspective control palette. Read more

      October 20
      Entaniya 250 Micro Four Thirds fisheye lenses feature 250-degree FOV

      A Japanese company has a series of Micro Four Thirds lenses in the works that provide a 250° field of view. Read more

      Kodak-branded Ektra smartphone embraces the company's roots

      With a camera grip and leatherette cover, the Kodak Ektra Android smartphone is targeted at lovers of vintage camera design. Read more

      Sigma announces pricing for 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 Cine lenses

      Sigma announced its new line of cinema in September, the first two lenses to be included in that line, the 18-35mm T2 and 50-100 T2, will both ship in December. Learn more

      Throwback Thursday: the Kodak DC265, a user-programmable compact

      When you think of unique cameras, the Kodak DC265 probably doesn't come to mind. But this strange-looking camera had a trick up its sleeve: users could write scripts to add their own features. Read more

      Hot set: Benjamin Von Wong's latest shoot features a model on lava flows

      Photographer Benjamin Von Wong, never one to shy away from extreme conditions to get a shot, has released a new set of images from his most recent shoot among the lava flows of Hawaii's Big Island. Read more

      October 19
      Leica introduces 'Titanium gray' version of its Q compact camera

      Leica has announced that it will release a new version of its Q (Typ 116) full frame compact camera that will be finished in a gray paint instead of the usual black. Read more

      Leica launches new version of miniature Summaron 28mm F5.6 lens for the M system

      Leica has announced a modern version of the 1955 L-mount Summaron 28mm F5.6. Called the Summaron-M 28mm F5.6, the new lens will fit the current M series. Read more

      Fujifilm gives us a glimpse of its upcoming Instax Square camera

      FujiFilm has posted a teaser video featuring a quick look at its upcoming Instax Square 1:1 format camera. Read more

      Macphun announces Luminar photo editing app for Mac

      Macphun, the company behind Aurora HDR, has announced Luminar, an affordable all-in-one photo editing app for Mac. Read more

      Attach a 1000 Watt LED panel to a drone and magic happens

      Photographer Daniel Riley attached a 1000 Watt LED light panel to his drone – the result was some really cool night footage. See video

      Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review

      The Fujifilm X-T2 is the company's latest SLR-style mirrorless camera. It takes the 24MP sensor from the X-Pro2 and runs with it, adding 4K video and a more sophisticated autofocus system. Is this enough to keep up with the competition? Read more

      Redesigned Nikon 70-200 F2.8 arrives with improved optics, electromagnetic diaphragm

      Nikon has updated its venerable 70-200mm F2.8 lens, improving both its optics and Vibration Reduction system as well as adding an electromagnetic diaphragm. Read more

      Nikon announces ultra-wide PC Nikkor 19mm F4E ED tilt-shift lens

      Nikon has announced its new PC Nikkor 19mm F4E ED, a super-wide 'Perspective Control' lens with 97° coverage. Read more

      October 18
      SpiderLight Holster offers quick access to lighter cameras

      Spider Camera Holster has launched three new products on Kickstarter: the SpiderLight Holster and Plate, SpiderLight Backpacker, and Single Camera System. All three are designed for smaller and lighter cameras. Read more

      Google shows off Pixel imaging capabilities in demo video

      Google's Pixel smartphone comes with an impressive imaging specification and feature set. A new PR video provides a good overview of the camera's features and functions. Watch it

      Field Test: Birds in flight with the Nikon D500

      Nikon's D500 is a professional APS-C format DSLR, designed for shooting fast-moving subjects in tough conditions. For this week's Field Test, we brought the D500 to a wildlife reserve in Montana, to meet with National Geographic photographer Ronan Donovan. Watch the video

      Sony a6300 versus a6500: what's changed, and what still needs to change

      What a difference eight months can make. The Sony a6500, predictably, has both a lot in common with the a6300, but also adds some impressive updates. Take a look at what an extra $400 in sticker price really gets you. Read more

      Drone footage captures the raw power of Iceland

      Ice and Fire is a new short film that depicts some amazing drone footage from the diverse and rugged landscape of Iceland. Read more

      Collector's cache of Soviet-era camera prototypes stolen in Germany

      A collector claims that his set of rare prototype cameras, some worth significant sums of money, was stolen at a train station in Berlin. Read more

      October 17
      iLUUN Air is a wireless USB 3.0 flashdrive for your smartphone

      The iLUUN Air is a USB 3.0 flash drive that comes with built-in Wi-Fi capability so it can connect to your mobile devices. Read more

      Nikon D3400 Review

      We've been testing the recently updated D3400. Though the updates are modest, the real question is can the camera still hold its weight against the competition?

      'I don’t use my camera as my memory': we interview Graham Nash

      From Lancashire to California, Graham Nash's journey has been a long and winding one, both as a musician and a photographer. Read more

      Pentax 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE real world sample gallery

      The Pentax 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE is the first Pentax lens to use the new 'Pulse Autofocus Motor'. Although it is a bit darker than the old 55-300, autofocus is much faster and virtually silent. Take a look at our samples to see how sharp this handy new zoom is. Read more

      October 16
      Sample reel: the Sony RX100 V shoots impressively detailed 4K video

      Sony's RX100 V puts incredibly detailed 4K, highly stabilized 1080p and super smooth slow motion video in your shirt pocket. We've put together a quick reel showing these modes in action. See more

      October 15
      Vote now for your favorite Nikon Small World 2016 entries

      Nikon's Small World Microphotography competition continues to celebrate all things tiny and gross, and invites you to weigh in on its Popular Vote competition. Read more

      October 14
      Leica and ONA introduce more luxury bags for the red-dot-obsessed

      Leica and ONA have announced a collection of six bags with red interiors and a 'discreet' red rivet to reference the German camera manufacturer. Read more

      Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM galleries: Roller derby and daylight base ISO samples

      Photographer James McDaniel helped us put Sony's premium telezoom to the test, shooting both the fast-paced action of roller derby as well as a variety of daylight shots. See more

      Modified Nikon D5500 keeps things cool for astro-photographers

      Astrophotography equipment brand PrimaLuceLab is selling a modified Nikon D5500 that uses a cooling system to manage the temperature of the camera’s sensor for long exposures. Read more

      Monsoon III: Time-lapse captures the raw power of a monsoon

      Mike Olbinski chased the monsoons in the desert Southwest over the course of 36 days to put this amazing time-lapse film together. See more

      CFexpress cards with 8GB/s data rate on the way according to the CompactFlash Association

      The CompactFlash Association has announced that it is working on a new series of memory cards that will have theoretical data rates of up to 8GB per second. Read more

      October 13
      Ansel Adams' Arca-Swiss 4x5 View Camera is the first of its kind at auction

      One of Ansel Adams' 4x5 view cameras will be sold at auction for the first time. Heritage Auctions is looking for an opening bid of $35,000 but estimates the kit's value up to $100,000. Read more

      Google adds auto image rotation, GIF creation to Photos app

      Google has added four new features to its Photos app for iOS and Android, including auto image rotation, video-to-GIF conversion and surfacing images of popular photo subjects. Read more

      Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm F10

      Back in the mid-2000s, there was no such thing as a point-and-shoot camera that performed well at high sensitivities. That is, until the Fujifilm F10 Zoom came along. In today's Throwback Thursday, we reminisce about that near-legendary compact. Read more

      A look at Google Pixel's sensor reveals potential HDR video tech

      XDA Developers has published an article with some insights into the Sony IMX378 sensor used in the recently announced Google Pixel smartphones, including a technology that could potentially improve HDR video. Read more

      October 12
      Ricoh debuts colorful Theta SC

      Ricoh has announced the latest member of its 360-degree camera family, the Theta SC. The SC is essentially a lower-cost version of the Theta S that comes in your choice of four colors. Read more

      Manfrotto Advanced & Street lineup expanded with bags for mirrorless cameras

      Manfrotto has launched five new bags in its Advanced and Street Collections, each of them designed for use with mirrorless cameras, lenses and other items. Read more

      Leica announces special edition M-P in red table tennis bat rubber

      Leica is to introduce a special M-P (Typ 240) kit that has been designed by the artist Rolf Sachs. The camera body is covered in the type of rubber usually reserved for table tennis bats. Read more

      Lenses and photo trips offered for top prize in Zeiss Photography Awards

      German lens manufacturer Zeiss has put up a top prize that includes €12,000 of its lenses and €3000 towards a photographic excursion for the winner of its 2017 Zeiss Photography Award. Read more

      October 11
      BenQ announces 32" 4K high dynamic range monitor

      BenQ has announced that it will be showing off its new 32" SW320 4K UHD high dynamic range monitor, which also offers 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB color space coverage, at PhotoPlus Expo later this month. Read more

      Samsung officially pulls the plug on its Note 7 smartphone

      Samsung Electronics has officially pulled the plug on its troubled Note 7 smartphone after repeated issues with the devices catching fire, including one incident in which a burning phone required the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines jet. Read more

      Olloclip launches three lens kits for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

      Olloclip has announced the launch of three lens kits for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which include macro, telephoto and fisheyes. Read more

      UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples

      Autumn is in full swing in Seattle, and so we've been shooting the Sony RX100 V with what little daylight remains this time of year to bring you an real-world gallery update. Check out our new samples to see how it performs. Read more

      Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary Micro Four Thirds Lens Review

      The Sigma 30mm F1.4 DN DC Contemporary was announced in February 2016, and sits atop Sigma's line of DN mirrorless lenses, with a 2-stop advantage over their previous 30mm F2.8 offering. As a Micro Four Thirds lens, how does it compare to the Panasonic Leica 25mm F1.4?  Read more

      Western Digital gives My Passport and My Book drives a makeover

      Western Digital has partnered with design firm fuseproject to create a new look for its My Passport and My Book external hard drives. Read more

      October 10
      Google publishes gallery from upcoming Pixel smartphone

      Google's camera product manager Issac Reynolds has posted the first gallery from the company's upcoming Pixel smartphone, which the company claims is the best on the market. Read more

      Google Panoramio to shut down on November 4

      Google will be shutting down Panoramio, its website for sharing photos of the world, on November 4. Read more

      Winter is Coming: Here are some tips on what and where to shoot when it gets cold

      Winter is coming, but that doesn't mean that you have to hang up your photography gear and head for warmer weather. Here are some tips on what and where to shoot when it gets cold. Read more

      October 8
      Winning images from Red Bull Illume 2016

      German photographer Lorenz Holder nabs the top prize for a second year in Red Bull Illume's action photography awards. Take a look at a gallery of winning images. See more

      October 7
      We're hiring! Developers and Marketing experts needed

      We're looking for two software development engineers, freelance writers and a marketing expert to join our team in Seattle, WA and help build the next generation of dpreview's content and community tools (and of course, get to play with all the latest photo gear). Check out the details on our jobs page.

      PhotoPlus Expo 2016 to offer 22 photo walks covering roster of topics

      PhotoPlus Expo 2016 will offer attendees a total of 22 photo walks over a three-day span, giving them the opportunity to learn different skills and gain experience from top educators and photographers. Read more

      Video: Sony a6500 First Look

      The a6500 is the new top-end model in Sony's line of APS-C cameras, offering competitive high-speed burst shooting, in-body image stabilization and a touchscreen. Take a look at how it looks (and how its 11 fps shutter sounds) in our hands-on video. Read more

      Photokina 2016: Fujifilm Interview

      Fujifilm chose last month's Photokina tradeshow as the venue to launch its new flagship mirrorless camera, the medium-format GFX 50S. At the show, we sat down with top executives to learn more about it. Read more

      October 6
      Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V

      Just minutes after the Cyber-shot RX100 V's announcement, Sony let us put our grubby hands all over it. Take a closer look at the fifth evolution of the RX100 series. See more

      Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500

      We got our hands on the Sony a6500 immediately after its announcement, and have been digging through the menus and the specs to help explain what makes it tick. Read more

      Bowens introduces Generation X studio and portable flash heads with TTL radio control

      UK flash manufacturer Bowens will launch its new range of Generation X flash heads in the USA at PPE. The range has a completely new design and features a portable model that is powered by an in-body rechargeable battery. Read more

      Fujifilm X-Pro2 firmware 2.0 adds focus points, improves PDAF accuracy

      Firmware 2.0 for the Fujifilm X-Pro2 adds more focus points and claims to improve phase detection AF accuracy by applying the X-T2's focus algorithm. Read more

      Sony a6500 adds 5-axis stabilization, touchscreen and processing power

      Sony has taken the wraps off of its 24MP a6500 mirrorless camera. The flagship APS-C camera gains five-axis image stabilization and touchscreen operation. It will cost around $1400. Read more

      Sony announces Cyber-shot RX100 Mark V with 315 phase-detect AF points and 24 fps bursts

      Sony has announced the latest version of its RX100 series: the Mark V. It maintains a 20MP sensor and 24-70mm equiv. F1.8-2.8 lens, but adds phase-detection AF to achieve focus speeds as fast as 0.05 sec, and a front-end LSI to improve speeds and enable 24 fps shooting with AF. Read more

      iPhone 7 real-world sample gallery

      The iPhone 7 lacks the dual camera modules of its iPhone 7 Plus sibling, but it still offers plenty of imaging features like image stabilization and Raw shooting. We've spent some time getting to know the new iPhone. See gallery

      Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS D30

      The Canon EOS D30 wasn't Barney's first DSLR. But it was the first one he wanted. In this week's Throwback Thursday, he explains why. Read more

      October 5
      Voigtlander shows off three new lenses including 65mm F2 Macro for E-mount

      Lens manufacturer Voigtlander is set to introduce three unusual lenses this autumn including conically-shaped VM 50mm F3.5 Heliar for M-mount bodies and a 65mm F2 Macro for Sony E-mount. Read more

      ExoLens offers Zeiss-branded accessory lenses for iPhone 7, adds 'Prime' lens line

      ExoLens has announced it will offer its Zeiss-branded accessory lenses for iPhone 7 users. The 'Pro' line is now complemented by a 'Prime' line of lenses geared for 'non-technical social sharing.' Read more

      Three's company: Lensbaby launches Trio 28 for mirrorless cameras

      Lensbaby has announced the Trio 28, a unique creative lens designed specifically for mirrorless camera users. The Trio 28 is three lenses in one, offering the creative effects of Lensbaby's Twist, Velvet and Sweet optics in one compact lens. Read more

      Google's Pixel phones: What you need to know

      Google only launched the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones yesterday, but they've already managed to grab DxOMark's highest mobile score ever. Here's why they're generating a lot of buzz. Read more

      Fast and light: Nikkor 24mm F1.8G ED lens review

      The Nikkor 24mm F1.8G ED is one of Nikon's widest prime lens offerings and is part of a lineage of fast and sharp full frame primes. Coming in at just under $800 it's a lot of lens for the price, but does its performance live up to the expectations? Read more

      October 4
      Gitzo updates Systematic tripod range with new materials, big feet and Easy Link sockets

      Gitzo has introduced a new range of Systematic tripods that it says are more stable and stronger, and which feature new locking mechanisms for the leg sections. Read more

      Google Pixel tops DxOMark's Mobile rankings

      With a DxOMark score of 89 the Google Pixel features the best smartphone camera ever tested by the French company. Read more

      Google launches Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones with gyroscope-based video stabilization

      Google has rebranded its smartphones from Nexus to Pixels, but otherwise relies on trusted concepts and technologies. Learn more

      Hoya Solas infrared neutral density filters launch in USA

      Hoya has launched new USA-exclusive Solas infrared neutral density filters, touting their consistent color balance across the density range. Read more

      Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 released

      Adobe has updated its beginner-friendly Photoshop Elements and Premiere editing software. Photoshop Elements 15 adds touchscreen editing, batch adjustments, enhanced search function and a tool to edit facial features. Read more

      Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art real world sample gallery

      Hot on the heels of its Photokina announcement, the Sigma 12-24mm F4 Art arrived on our doorstep last week, meaning one thing – time to shoot wide. Read more

      October 3
      Pentax K1 firmware update adds electronic shutter in live view mode

      Pentax has released new firmware for its flagship K1 full-frame DSLR that includes the ability to select electronic shutter during live view shooting. Read more

      PowerVision's PowerEye pro-grade cinematography drone goes up for pre-order

      Beijing-based drone purveyor PowerVision is now taking pre-orders for its pro cinematography drone with a 16MP Micro Four Thirds camera. Read more

      Aura is a next generation digital picture frame

      With a high-quality display and gesture control, Aura wants to make the digital picture frame a desirable product again. Read more

      Serious resolution: Phase One XF with IQ3 100MP back tested

      Earlier this year, Phase One introduced a 100MP sensor to its IQ3 range of medium-format cameras. We just had to know what all of those pixels can do. Read more

      Phase One XF IQ3 100MP update adds electronic shutter

      An update for Phase One's medium-format XF system adds Profoto Air TTL integration along with electronic shutter and an improved warranty for the IQ3 100MP. Read more

      October 2
      Going wide: Irix 15mm F2.4 sample gallery

      Swiss company Irix recently released their very first lens to the consumer market in the form of a 15mm F2.4 prime. We took it for a spin to see just how well it performs. Read more

      October 1
      Behind the Shot: The Shadow Towers

      In the latest in his series of 'Behind the Shot' articles, landscape photographer Erez Marom takes us deep into Patagonia, and explains how he captured a nighttime view of the Torres Del Paine. Read more

      Abandoned America: Photographing a forgotten history

      Matthew Christopher got into photography after exploring an abandoned asylum in Philadelphia. He runs Abandoned America, a website that documents his explorations and the history of the buildings he photographs. Read more