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      April 2017 news and reviews

      April 30
      In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes

      In an age of wide color gamut displays and HDR-everything, DPR regular Nicolas Alexander Otto urges his fellow landscape shooters to embrace shooting in black-and-white. Here are a few reasons why he embraces monochrome for landscape work. Read more

      April 29
      Celebrate International Dark Sky Week with a night sky time-lapse

      In honor of International Dark Sky Week, astrophotographer Matt Dieterich has released a time-lapse video called Pacific Northwest Nights, shot while working at Mt. Rainier National Park. Read more

      April 28
      EXIF.co uses smart watermarks and more to protect photographers' images

      EXIF.co is a new service offering photographers paid photo hosting that automatically applies smart watermarks and other protections to images uploaded to the platform. Read more

      Nikon in legal tussle with ASML and Carl Zeiss over alleged patent infringements

      On Monday, Nikon initiated legal action against ASML and Carl Zeiss AG over semiconductor lithography patents. Now the two companies have teamed up to counter-sue Nikon. Read more

      Acer unveils 31.5" 4K display for image editors and other creative types

      The Acer ProDesigner PE320QK display features an enhanced color gamut and comes with a removable anti-glare hood. Read more

      Canon releases firmware version 1.1.1 for EOS 7D Mark II

      Firmware version 1.1.1 for the EOS 7 Mark II includes various bug fixes and improves the reliability of communications when transferring images using the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7. Learn more

      NAB 2017: Hot products and trends

      Yesterday marked the end of NAB 2017, the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. We take a look at some of the interesting products and trends from this year's show. Read more

      2017 Roundup: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras

      The fixed-lens camera market may be a bit niche, but it's here that you'll find some of the best APS-C and full-frame cameras you can buy. Check out our freshly updated roundup to see our top choices in this category. Read more

      April 27
      Aurora Aperture launches 16-stop ND filter and rear filters for Canon’s super-wide lenses

      US filter brand Aurora Aperture has announced a neutral density filter that it claims reduces exposure by 16 stops. Read more

      Harbortronics' DigiSnap Pro is designed for long-term time-lapse photography

      Harbortronics has announced the DigiSnap Pro, a complete system controller designed for long-term time-lapse photography. It can be paired with the company's Cyclapse Pro housing that can transfer images from anywhere on the planet. Read more

      Serious speed: Sony a9 real world samples gallery

      It's been a long week since the Sony a9 announcement, but now we're finally able to show you our real world samples gallery from Sony's shooting event in New York. Click through for hockey, figure skating and a full-on track meet. Read more

      Updated: A closer look at Sony a9 image quality and autofocus

      While combing through our thousands of images from Sony's a9 launch event last week, we've taken a critical look at the camera's revamped JPEG engine and the effectiveness of its 653-point autofocus system. Read more

      Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review

      The Nikon KeyMission 360 wants to find its way into your camera bag. And it recently received a firmware update aimed at improving UI. So is it worth the cash? Find out

      Throwback Thursday: Minolta DiMAGE X

      There were many 'races' in the compact camera market back when they were selling like hotcakes. One of them was just how small a camera could be. One of those mini-cameras was the Minolta DiMAGE X, the subject of this week's Throwback Thursday. Read more

      April 26
      New Zeiss CP.3 XD Cine lens line stores metadata, is aimed at budget filmmakers

      The new budget-oriented Zeiss cine line includes ten compact primes that can output metadata to aide in post-production. Read more

      Canon boosts 2017 profit forecast following strong Q1 financial results

      Canon has increased its estimated 2017 operating profit, due mainly to its acquisition of Toshiba's medical equipment unit. Camera-wise, the 5D Mark IV has helped to drive sales, with mirrorless products doing well in Europe and Asia. As expected, point-and-shoot sales continue to drop. Read more

      Google software engineer shows what's possible with smartphone cameras in low light

      Google software engineer Florian Kainz wrote a custom Android app and used manual post-processing in Photoshop to show what's possible with current smartphone cameras in low light. Read more

      World’s first 100-million-pixel drone launched by DJI and Hasselblad

      Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has announced that it is to launch a new drone later this year that will be fitted with a 100-million-pixel Hasselblad H6D-100c camera. Read more

      Fujifilm launches professional support program for GFX system in the US

      The Fujifilm Professional Services Program offers product loaners, quick repair turnaround and other services to the owners of GFX medium format cameras. Learn more

      Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II

      In this article, we'll be directly comparing the Sony a9 and a7R II, looking in detail at exactly where their differences lie. For some photographers, the a9 might meet their needs admirably, whereas for others, the older a7R II might be just as good - or better. Read more

      More videos added to product overviews and getting started guides

      We've just added several new informational videos to our range of product overviews and getting started guides, including guides to how to get started with the Fujifilm X-T20 and Nikon D3400. Read more

      April 25
      Speedmaster 65mm and 85mm fast primes for Fujifilm GFX on the way

      Chinese manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has shown of a pair of fast primes for Fujifilm's medium format GFX 50S at a tradeshow at Beijing. The 65mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.2 are the fastest G-mount lenses to date. Read more

      Novoflex ClassicBall ball heads can be mounted upside-down for level panoramas

      Novoflex has launched a trio of new Classicball tripod ball heads that can be mounted upside-down for producing level panoramas. Read more

      YI Technology announces consumer-level 360 live VR camera

      The YI 360 VR is capable of capturing 360-degree spheric video footage in 5.7K resolution and at 30 frames per second. It also offers 4K instant in-device stitching and 2.5K live-streaming. Read more

      Sekonic announces price and availability of 'groundbreaking' L-858D-U light meter

      Light meter manufacturer Sekonic has announced that its new L-858D-U light meter is now available and that it costs $599/£599. This new meter offers a number of firsts, including the ability to measure flash duration and to work in HSS mode. Read more

      Nikon releases firmware update for 1 J5 mirrorless system camera

      Version 1.01 of the Nikon 1 J5 firmware fixes a bug in the image deletion function of the camera. Read more

      Here's how much it would actually cost a pro to switch from Canon to Sony

      The Sony a9 is here and it's likely to make a lot of sports photographers curious about switching to Sony. But what's the actual cost of switching if you're a pro? Read more

      Blackmagic Designs promises scopes for 4K Video Assist monitor/recorder

      Firmware v2.5 for Blackmagic's Video Assist 4K monitor/recorder will bring a variety of professional 'scopes' to the device for quickly assessing exposure and color. Read more

      April 24
      TriLens triple lens holder coming to Kickstarter

      TriLens is a belt-worn device that is made of steel and fiber-reinforced nylon and can carry three lenses up to a weight of 100kg. Read more

      Fujifilm X100T in black listed as discontinued on B&H Photo

      Is it the beginning of the end for the Fujifilm X100T? The camera has been listed as discontinued on B&H Photo's website. Read more

      SLR Magic introduces E-mount Cine 25mm F1.4

      SLR Magic will be showing off a new prime for videographers at NAB: the Cine 25mm F1.4. Read more

      Seagate and DJI launch Fly Drive, a 2TB external HDD with a built-in microSD card slot

      Seagate and DJI have announced the Fly Drive, an external storage drive with up to a 2TB capacity and a built-in microSD card slot designed for drone operators. Read more

      Dell announces 4K HDR10 monitor

      Dell has announced its new UP2718Q UltraSharp 27 4K monitor, which is the company's first HDR10 display. Read more

      Sennheiser launches waterproof action mic for GoPro Hero 4

      Audio brand Sennheiser has announced a new microphone made specifically for the GoPro Hero 4 action camera. The company claims its MKE 2 elements is designed to withstand all that the GoPro camera can, and that it is even water proof and can operate when submerged for up to 30 minutes. Read more

      Sony a9: Why being better might not be enough

      The Sony a9 is an impressive looking camera. However, there are a number of factors that make it more difficult for a working professional to change systems. We spoke to a couple of photojournalists about the factors that might stand in the way of switching. Read more

      2017 Roundup: Compact Enthusiast Zoom Cameras

      While fewer models have introduced recently, enthusiast compacts continue to be one of the bright spots in the camera market. Most cameras in the group have 1"-type sensors and fast lenses, though not a lot of zoom power. Our updated roundup gives an overview of the class and highlights our top picks. Read more

      April 23
      Huawei P10 camera review

      The Huawei P10 features a beautifully-made metal body and a Leica-branded dual-camera module. It's a premium quality device with very good still image capture that ranks among the best in class, especially in low light. Read more

      April 22
      National Geographic and NASA celebrate National Parks with images from space

      If you're unable to take advantage of free National Park entry this weekend, you can still enjoy the grandeur of some of the US's best-loved National Parks thanks to National Geographic and NASA. Read more

      NASA puts it all in perspective with this image of Earth between Saturn's rings

      NASA's Cassini spacecraft will soon meet its demise in Saturn's atmosphere, but one of its last photos of Earth is making for a heck of a swan song. Read more

      DPReview photographs Seattle's famous cherry blossoms (with expensive gear)

      It's cherry blossom season! Recently, the staff of DPReview grabbed some of our favorite gear and headed over to the University of Washington. See gallery

      Peak Design will donate today's online sale proceeds to Conservation Alliance

      Get a new bag, give a little to Mother Earth. Read more

      April 21
      Lower cost of image sensor business lifts Sony's annual income estimate

      Sony has adjusted its income estimate in part thanks to lower-than-anticipated costs for its image sensor business. Read more

      Samyang Lens Station USB dock spotted in the wild

      Samyang appears to have developed a USB lens docking hub for firmware updates and customization, similar to Sigma's USB dock. Read more

      Samyang announces VDSLR 16MM T2.6 cine lens

      The new VDSLR 16mm T2.6 cine lens is designed for video shooting with uncoupled gear rings with T numbers and brings Samyang's total number of cine lenses up to 19. Read more

      Frederik Buyckx named Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Photographer of the Year

      Frederik Buyckx is a freelance photographer for the Belgian newspaper De Standaard and will receive the $25,000 prize for his winning series of images entitle ‘Whiteout’, which was shot in the Balkans, Scandinavia and Central Asia. Read more

      Trends to watch at NAB 2017

      Here are a few trends that aspiring Spielbergs can expect to see from the annual National Association of Broadcasters show, or NAB, happening next week in Las Vegas. Read more

      Ricoh to show-off 4K-capable Theta 360-degree camera at NAB

      At NAB next week Ricoh will be showing off a Theta 360 camera capable of both 4K video capture and live streaming. Read more

      April 20
      Sigma announces 14mm T2 and 135mm T2 Cine Prime lenses

      Just in time for NAB, Sigma has announced an expansion to its Cine Prime line of lenses, adding the Cine High Speed 14mm T2 and Cine FF High Speed 135mm T2. Read more

      Apple is releasing its Live Photos API, which means more moving photos in more places

      Apple has revealed the API for its Live Photos feature, meaning more app and web developers will be able to support the company's short 1.5 second video 'moving photo' video clips. Read more

      LaCie reveals 2big 2-bay RAID storage solution with Thunderbolt 3 technology

      Fast transfer speeds and up to 20TB storage make the LaCie 2big Dock an interesting storage solution, and the device can also serve as a versatile docking station. Read more

      GoPro unveils Fusion, a 5.2K spherical VR camera

      GoPro has unveiled Fusion, a new pro-grade spherical camera capable of capturing regular and VR video at a 5.2K resolution. Read more

      Ricoh releases Pentax 645Z and K-1 firmware updates and IMAGE Transmitter 2 software v2.3

      New firmware in combination with an updated version of the IMAGE Transmitter 2 software package brings a number of new tethered control features to the Pentax K-1 and 645Z. Read more

      Canon will add C-Log to the EOS 5D Mark IV for $99

      Updated Canon has announced it will make C-Log available to current EOS 5D Mark IV owners by way of a $99 feature upgrade. Read more

      Canon introduces Compact-Servo 70-200mm T4.4 lens for aspiring filmmakers

      Canon has announced the 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S, a lens designed for small-scale filmmaking. Read more

      Throwback Thursday: The DSLR-A900, Sony's first full-frame camera

      Since Sony just announced their new flagship a9 mirrorless camera, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the company's first full-framer: the DSLR-A900. Read more

      Solarcan is a single-use pinhole camera made out of a soda can

      A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking funds for Solarcan, a single-use pinhole camera housed in a tall soda can. Read more

      April 19
      Sony a9 first look videos

      With the a9, Sony hopes to break into the professional action photography market. Check out our brief first look video to quickly get up to speed on Sony's new rapid-fire sports machine, and also check out its autofocus in action. Read more

      Finally! Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi-Battery Adaptor Kit provides power for E-mount users

      Announced alongside the a9 is an accessory that should excite existing E-mount camera owners, particularly videographers: the NPA-MQZ1K Multi-Battery Adaptor Kit. It's a four battery charger that doubles as an external power supply for most E-mount models. Read more

      Professional powerhouse: Hands-on with the full-frame Sony Alpha a9

      Live from New York it's the Sony Alpha a9! Our team is getting their hands all over the a9 and the new 100-400mm, and we've added some comments about the most important new features. Read more

      Manfrotto launches fluid head counterbalanced with a nitrogen piston

      Manfrotto has announced a new tripod head for stills and video users that it claims provides smooth motion and continuous counterbalance for loads of up to 8kg. Read more

      The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray turns your DJI Mavic Pro into a handheld stabilizer

      The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray is a new accessory that increases the Mavic Pro's versatility by turning it into a stabilized handheld shooting platform while not in the sky. Read more

      The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse

      Sony has announced the alpha 9 high-end full-frame mirrorless camera at a live event in New York. The 24MP full frame camera can shoot at 20 frames per second with no viewfinder blackout. Read more

      Sony announces FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens

      Along with the a9, Sony announced a FE 100-400 F4.5-5.6 OSS G Master lens, which will ship next month for $2500. Read more

      SmugMug Films: The journey from food to photography

      SmugMug Films just released its newest production, an inspirational film profiling acclaimed food photographer Eric Wolfinger. Eric recently met with DPReview to talk about how he turned his passion for food and travel into a career in photography. Read the interview

      Fujifilm releases GF 23mm and 110mm lenses, updates roadmap

      Fujifilm has released two new medium format GF lenses, the 23mm F4 R LM WR and 110mm F2 R LM WR, and has announced what lens is up next. Read more

      Fujifilm's SQ10 Instax Square camera is an instant/digital hybrid

      The Fujifilm Instax SQ10 uses a digital sensor and composition on a 3" color LCD, but prints 1:1 images to its new square format film. And it'll set you back $280. Read more

      Upcoming Fujifilm GFX 50S firmware update promises to improve AF, exposure compensation

      The first major firmware update for the GFX 50S is coming in late spring. And it holds the promise of improved AF and Wi-Fi tethering. Read more

      Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2.8-4 sample gallery

      While the name 'Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2.8-4' is a mouthful, this compact ultra-wide zoom isn't much of a handful, even with its upscale materials and weatherproofing. Does the image quality match the build quality? View gallery

      Hands-on with the Panasonic Leica 8-18mm F2.8-4

      Panasonic has announced a new ultra-wide zoom for Micro Four Thirds mount: the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2.8-4. We got our hands on a pre-production copy to take a closer look.

      Panasonic GH5 gets 10-bit 4:2:2 1080 video in first of promised firmware updates

      Panasonic has announced firmware v1.1 for the Lumix DC-GH5, bringing 4:2:2 10-bit Full HD video capture and a series of enhanced capture options for anamorphic shooters. Read more

      Panasonic introduces Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2.8-4 ASPH lens

      Panasonic has announced its new Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2.8-4 ASPH lens, which it first teased back at CES. Read more

      Panasonic updates travel zoom lineup with Lumix DC-ZS70 / TZ90

      Panasonic has updated its travel zoom lineup with the introduction of the Lumix DC-ZS70 (TZ90 outside of North America). The ZS70 features a 20MP CMOS sensor, 30X zoom lens, flip-up touchscreen LCD and 4K video capture. Read more

      April 18
      Lee bundles 100mm holder with popular filters into new Deluxe kit

      Filter manufacturer Lee has announced a new Deluxe Filter kit that includes the five 100mm sized filters the company thinks most essential along with a twin-slot holder and an accessory ring for 105mm screw-in filters. Read more

      Canon wants to get you ready for this year's total solar eclipse

      Photographers throughout the U.S. will get a rare treat this upcoming August 21: a total solar eclipse visible throughout a significant part of the country. Canon has launched an educational blog for those looking to photograph the event. Read more

      Lomography launches Simple Use Film Camera

      Lomography today launched its Simple Use Film Camera that comes in three film variations: color negative, black & white or LomoChrome Purple. Read more

      Canon EOS 77D Review

      Canon's EOS 77D takes the sensor and autofocus system from the more expensive 80D, adds a newer processor, and packs them all into a lighter body for less money. Find out how it all adds up in our full review. Read more

      Sony interview: 'Our focus is to increase the overall market'

      Sony made news recently when it announced it had taken over the #2 spot in full-frame ILC market share. Tech editor Rishi recently chatted with Sony execs about innovation, the future of the camera market and Sony's place in it. Read more

      Fujifilm GF 120mm F4 Macro sample gallery

      With a 95mm equivalent field-of-view, the Fujifilm GF 120mm F4 is a medium format lens intended for close-up work, portraiture or simply as a short tele. See gallery

      Adata launches V90 SDXC cards in 64, 128 and 256GB capacities

      Adata has become one of the first companies to support the V90 video speed class with a series of SD cards that guarantee 90MB/s sustained read and write rates. Read more

      April 17
      Andy Warhol estate preemptively sues photographer over infringement claims

      Photographer Lynn Goldsmith has been sued by The Andy Warhol Foundation following her claim that the artist infringed upon a photo she took of musician Prince in 1981. Read more

      Lensrentals blog looks at off-camera recorders

      Joshua Richardson over at the Lensrentals blog has published a helpful article about off-camera video recorders, why to use them, and highlights some models worth looking at. Read more

      Alpine Labs' Spark 3-in-1 camera trigger seeks funding on Kickstarter

      Alpine Labs is looking to crowdfund the Spark camera remote which works as a cable or infrared trigger and offers a range of creative trigger options via a dedicated smartphone app. Read more

      Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200?

      The Nikon D7500 brings a lot of D500 to the company's enthusiast model. Shockingly, though, only some of the camera's features are upgrades over the existing D7200, while others have been pared-back. So is it an upgrade or should you buy a D7200 while you can? Read more

      April 16
      Ask the staff: How are you shooting the cherry blossoms?

      The blooming of University of Washington's cherry blossom trees is an annual Seattle tradition – and a challenging photographic subject. But we don't back down from a challenge. See video

      April 15
      Hasselblad X1D final production sample gallery

      Of the recent digital medium format releases, one could argue the Hasselblad X1D carries the most-revered name. Does the image quality live up to the name? View gallery

      Light's L16 camera is in final stages of testing

      According to a new update from the company, Light is rounding third and headed for home on production of its L16 camera. Read more

      April 14
      Keep your camera dry and look like a dork with this $60 hands-free umbrella (or not)

      This super-stylish, hands-free umbrella aimed at photographers will only cost you a sliver of dignity and $60 to own. Read on

      Sony is now #2 in the US full-frame interchangeable lens camera market

      Sony has announced that it is now ranked second in the U.S. full-frame interchangeable lens camera market, a position formerly held by Nikon. Read more

      Blue Earth Alliance: Collaboration is key for photography that makes a difference

      Natalie Fobes, a veteran photojournalist and Seattle-based photographer, helped found Blue Earth Alliance almost 22 years ago. We spoke to her recently about Blue Earth Alliance's mission to help photographers and filmmakers create positive change. Read more

      Big Sky Country: Local photographers share their favorite Montana photo spots

      Montana is big, beautiful place, and a little insider information can help you navigate its best photo spots. Read more

      April 13
      Canon EOS 5D Mark IV firmware 1.0.4 launches with bug fixes

      Canon EOS 5D Mark IV firmware version 1.0.4 has been released, and it brings with it a handful of minor bug fixes and improvements. Read more

      The Macallan Masters of Photography Series whisky kit comes with a signed Steven Klein print

      Just $3000 will get you a bottle of limited-edition whisky and a signed print from editorial photographer Steven Klein. Read more

      DJI launches Phantom 4 Advanced drone

      DJI's new Phantom 4 Advanced drone offers improved camera specs over the original Phantom 4, more storage capacity and longer flight times. Read more

      Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D500: Which is better for you?

      The launch of the D7500 presents an interesting quandary for camera buyers: should I buy the D500 or save some money and get the D7500? We look at the key differences so you can decide for yourself. Read more

      Throwback Thursday: Pokémon Snap

      It's been almost 18 years since Nintendo brought its photography-centric Pokémon game to the US. It was an unlikely hit and remains close to one DPR staffer's heart. Read more

      April 12
      Photographers react with outrage at National Geographic train tracks photo

      One more time for everyone in the back: Don't take photos on train tracks. Read more

      Ricoh denies Nikkei report that it may leave camera business

      Ricoh has issued a response to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, denying that the company is considering leaving the consumer camera business. Read more

      Edelkrone launches SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit 4-axis motion control system

      Accessory-maker Edelkrone claims its new SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit is the 'world’s smartest and most portable 4-Axis motion control system.' Read more

      Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10 and ACR 9.10 now available

      Adobe has announced the availability of Lightroom CC 2015.10 and Adobe Camera Raw 9.10, adding 22 new lens profiles to both applications, as well as new camera support and bug fixes. Read more

      Drone sales doubled in 2016, premium features help push sales

      According to a report by analyst firm The NPD Group, U.S. dollar sales of drones more than doubled in the 12 months ending February 2017 and premium features are in high demand. Read more

      CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold'

      During this year's CP+ show in Yokohama, we made time to sit down with senior executives from several major manufacturers. One of them was Mr. Masamichi Handa, head of Olympus's Imaging Business Division. Read more

      Nikon D7500: What you need to know

      Nikon's new high-end enthusiast SLR is here and it borrows quite a bit from the flagship APS-C Nikon D500. Here's what you need to know about it. Read more

      Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR

      Nikon has announced its D7500 midrange DSLR, which borrows many of the features from the D500 and puts them into a more compact and affordable package. Read more

      April 11
      Nikon Museum 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition showcases prototype cameras

      Nikon continues its 100th anniversary celebration with a special exhibition at the Nikon Museum which includes 40 rare camera prototypes. Read more

      GoPro launches camera trade-up program in the US

      US-based GoPro customers can get a discount on a new HERO5 Black or Session camera when trading in an older HERO model. Read more

      Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review

      The Panasonic GH5 is packed full of features for both video and stills shooters. How does Panasonic's flagship camera measure up to expectations? Read our review to find out. Read more

      April 10
      2017 Pulitzer Prize winners for photography announced

      The winners of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for photography have been announced. The images from both winners vividly illustrate violence occurring on opposite sides of the world. Read more

      Boxfish 360 Micro Four Thirds camera can record 5K spherical videos

      Boxfish Research has announced the Boxfish 360, a 5K camera equipped with multiple Panasonic Micro Four Thirds sensors able to capture spherical photos and video. Read more

      KeyMission 360 firmware update improves stability under iOS 10.2

      Nikon has issued a firmware update for its KeyMission 360-degree action camera that improves compatibility with iOS devices. Read more

      Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Pentax 645Z vs Hasselblad X1D

      Led by Pentax, digital medium format has gone from being the preserve of the pro to something a little more attainable. But what features matter most in such a camera and how do the three sub-$10,000 44 x 33mm cameras compare? Read more

      April 9
      Opinion: Shooting DNG on the Sigma sd Quattro H is a game changer

      The Sigma sd Quattro H offers a little update that makes a big impact: the ability to shoot DNG Raws. If Sigma wants to bring Foveon tech to the mass market, then this was definitely a step in the right direction. Read more

      Sigma sd Quattro H real world samples gallery

      Sigma's new sd Quattro H camera carries the company's largest-ever Foveon sensor with a claimed 51MP of equivalent resolution. Check out our samples that range from cherry blossoms to cityscapes and coffee shops to the studio. Read more

      April 8
      Headed to Havana? Check out these photo spots

      Photographer Edin Chavez shares his go-to photo spots in Havana, complete with Google Map locations for your trip planning convenience. Read more

      Lensrentals: Tamron 70-200 F2.8 G2's resolution is excellent

      Roger Cicala, confirmed lens nerd and Lensrentals founder, has put Tamron's new 70-200mm F2.8 'G2' to the test, and the results are impressive. Read more

      April 7
      Leica offers free fix for faulty AF in some S lenses

      Leica has finally announced that it has found a reliable replacement for the defective focus drive units in some of the S lenses from its medium-format system. Read more

      Everypixel Aesthetics uses neural networks to judge your photographs

      Everypixel uses neural networks for ranking stock images and for this purpose has trained the algorithms to judge the aesthetic value of a stock image in the same way as a human would do. Read more

      At the market: Panasonic GH5 sample video

      We've been hard at work testing the new Panasonic GH5, and while we put the finishing touches on our review, we wanted to share a video we shot with the camera at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Read more

      Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D Sample Gallery

      We've posted an assortment of sample photos from Canon's 'midrange entry-level' Rebel T7i / EOS 800D. Oh, and it's Spring here in Seattle, so expect a lot of flowers. View gallery

      April 6
      Adobe Research tackles selfie photography with new AI-powered tech

      Adobe has revealed new research that would allow users to adjust the look of their selfies by changing perspective and depth of field after capture. Read more

      Meyer-Optik announces move into high-end lenses for mirrorless cameras with Primagon 24

      German lens manufacturer Meyer-Optik-Gorlitz has announced it is to produce a premium 24mm lens that will come in mounts for all mirrorless camera systems. Read more

      Western Digital launches its first portable SSD

      The My Passport SSD is Western Digital's first portable SSD and comes with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB capacity. Read more

      Canon introduces EF-S 35mm F2.8 macro lens with built-in ring light

      Canon has introduced a compact 35mm F2.8 macro lens with a built-in LED ring light and a 3cm minimum focus distance. Read more

      Canon's PowerShot SX730 HS travel zoom offers 40x lens in a very small package

      Canon has released the PowerShot SX730 HS, an ultra compact travel zoom with a long 24-960mm equivalent lens, flip-up LCD and numerous wireless functions. Read more

      Ultra large and custom film sizes now on order from Ilford Photo

      Harman Technology has announced that its annual large format and custom film ordering scheme is open from now until May 26th. Read more

      Canon outfits industrial drone with ME20F-SH all-purpose camera

      If you're looking for a drone that can fly in nasty weather and shoot at ISO 4 million, then Canon has something for you. Read more

      April 5
      New York Times reportedly more than doubles photographers' pay rate

      The New York Times has more than doubled its photographers' pay, according to a new report, increasing its day rate from $200 to $450. Read more

      Elinchrom launches improved Deep Umbrellas

      Elinchrom's new Deep Umbrellas are available in two sizes and can be converted into softboxes using diffusors and reflectors. Read more

      Zeiss formally announces Batis 135mm F2.8

      Zeiss has announced a new medium telephoto full-frame Batis lens for Sony E mount: the Batis 2.8/135. Read more

      Honor 8 Pro combines big screen with dual-cam and large battery

      The Honor 8 Pro offers a similar camera and general specifications as the Huawei Mate 9 or P10 at a noticeably lower price point. Read more

      Fujifilm GFX 50S Review: Modern MF

      The Fujifilm GFX 50S medium format digital camera is capable of some of the best image quality we've ever tested. But is that enough of a reason to buy it? Read more

      Apple is working on a reimagined Mac Pro, apologizes for lack of updates

      Looks like Apple is dragging the concept for its uniquely shaped Mac Pro right to the proverbial trash bin. Read more

      April 4
      Gudsen launches Moza Air 3-axis powered stabilization system

      Chinese stabilization brand Gudsen has announced a new addition to its Moza range of powered gimbals that’s aimed at users of compact system cameras and small-medium sized DSLRs: the Moza Air. Read more

      Android 7.1.2 update fixes Google Pixel's pink camera streaks issue

      Google has released Android 7.1.2 for the Pixel and Nexus smartphones, and with it comes a fix for the pink streaking issue affecting some Pixel cameras. Read more

      Firmware update brings DNG support and improved AF speeds to Sigma sd Quattro

      Sigma has released a firmware update for its sd Quattro that adds support for the DNG format, improves AF speeds and enhances compatibility with the company's Capture Pro software. Read more

      Alcatel Flash features front and rear dual-cams

      Alcatel's new Flash smartphone is one of the first devices to offer dual-cameras on the front and back. Read more

      CP+ 2017 - Sony interview: 'We need to offer new imaging experiences'

      Earlier this year, we traveled to the CP+ trade show in Yokohama, Japan and at the show, we talked to Yasuyuki Nagata of Sony. Read our interview

      The 'Crapinon' is a 135mm lens made from discarded parts

      Freelance video producer Mathieu Stern found a new life for a discarded lens tube he found at a flea market. Read more

      Magic Lantern brings 4K recording to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

      Magic Lantern made April fools of us all by going live with an experimental build for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III on April 1st. It's in early stages of development but it's the real deal, and brings 4K video to the 5D III. Read more

      April 3
      Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Series announced with nine high-output LED lights

      Fotodiox Pro has launched its new FACTOR Series, a lineup of nine bi-color and high-output LED light panels for various photographic needs. Read more

      Image style AI can convert paintings to photographs

      A new artificial intelligence algorithm can reverse the painting style effects that apps like Prisma apply to photographs. Read more

      Sony's sensor roadmap includes a 150MP medium-format chip for 2018

      Sony semiconductor is planning to launch several medium-format image sensors with 100 or 150MP resolution in 2018. Read more

      Nikon centralizes optical engineering departments from across the business

      Nikon Corporation has announced that it is to bring all its optical engineering facilities under one roof with the establishment of a single division to service the needs of the whole organization. Read more

      Sigma 135mm F1.8 Art Sample Gallery

      Recently the new Sigma 135mm F1.8 Art landed in the office, prompting us to get out there and shoot some portraits... from a distance. How does their new telephoto prime fare? See gallery

      Nikon formally announces 100th anniversary products, still no word on pricing

      Nikon has formally announced a range of special-edition products to mark the company's 100th anniversary. First shown at the CP+ show back in February, we'll have to wait until June for pricing and availability information. Read more

      April 2
      What learning photography and roller derby have in common

      Aside from the obvious differences, there are a surprising number of ways that learning to play a full contact sport on roller skates and learning photography are similar. Take it from someone who's been really bad at both. Read more

      April 1
      We try out the new HassleVlad

      This is Vladimir. He's a developer. More importantly to us, he's the newest member of the DPReview team. We're always excited when we have something (or someone) new in the office. Read more

      Food photographers rejoice: Camera-enabled Samsung Family Hub 2.0 fridge quick review

      When Samsung released its Family Hub 2.0 line of fridge-based cameras at CES 2017, we were frozen in awe. Here's a closer look at their new entries into this coldly contested marketplace. Read more

      STC adds 6-stop neutral density to its clip-on sensor filter range

      Specialist filter manufacturer STC Optical Ltd has expanded its range of Clip filters to include a ND64 with infrared-cut properties. The new filter, which clips directly in front of the camera’s sensor, provides 6-stops of light reduction. Read more