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      R5 pricing – The conundrum.

      Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
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      PhotoKhan Forum Pro • Posts: 11,299
      R5 pricing – The conundrum.

      Relatively soon, the R5 will be announced.

      It will represent the arrival point of a strategy that Canon has been slowly but deliberately deploying for the last 5 to 7 years.

      As an aircraft carrier does not easily change course, so doesn’t a leader in the photography field.

      Mirrorless came to the market and Canon slowly adjusted its strategy to cater for what the market was beginning to require but acted in its best interests by prudently testing the waters for what could be a passing fad and by making sure they protected the formats that led them to where they were.

      I my view, the strategy was perfect in that it included a slow enough pace to ensure those two goals and in that it also comprised what can be seen as a “test pool” – the APS-C “M” line - and even a series “0” in FF , the “R” and the “RP”.

      The success of the “M” “test” line when put against the Nikon’s disastrous initial misstep with the “1” series, is a clear indicator of Canon's deep thinking regarding its mirrorless approach, a plan of action that will now reach the final step with the introduction of a FF mirrorless offer that will include the state-of-the-art of what Canon has to offer in sensor technology, processing power, and support features.

      Everything was leading up to this and then...Covid19 happened.

      ...Now, businesses are pragmatic and if the R5 was just any other camera among the many Canon offers in any 2 years cycle, the brand would just take the hit of not having the model make the predicted commercial trajectory and would simply focus their efforts in the next cycle. In a way, this is possibly what will happen with the 1DX MKIII.

      However, on account of what the R5 will represent in terms of the long-haul strategy, I don’t think Canon can afford to not harvest the market-anchoring part that was so clearly allocated to this particular model.

      The R5 was conceived to serve a specific strategy. It was patently outlined to reinforce Canon’s market dominance and, in my view, they simply cannot allow it to be otherwise.

      As such, given the unfortunate developments, there’s a strong possibility that the pricing for this particular model has been under vigorous reassessment and that, to still let it be the commercial success Canon needs it to be, the R5 will hit the market at a never-seen discounted price for the tier it will be in and that Canon will simply endure such particular circumstantial financial blow in order to guarantee its economic long-teems plans.

      To further rationalize this hypothesis, I would say that anything between 3,500 and 4,000 USD for the R5 5 launch price will mean “business as usual”, whereas anything below 3,100 USD will mean they had to revaluate things under the described logic.

      I, for one, am extremely curious about the strategy they will actually be adopting.

      ...if for anything else, as simply a very interested party.


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