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      Can fuzy still be good?

      Started 2 months ago | Photos thread
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      Flycaster Senior Member • Posts: 1,156
      Can fuzy still be good?

      I'm just an average photo enthusiast who likes viewing his own photos on the monitor or TV and only occasionally will make a print or two. I do like to post process (PSE14/ACR/free Google NIK.) With my FZ1000, I'm not a people shooter, but rather prefer local animals and/or scenery. I always like to show my wife my shots; often times asking her to see the differences between OOC and the processed image. Quite frankly, I am amazed at how much PP can improve on the OOC...probably showing what an amateur I am. Anyway, when my wife comments on an image, she rarely (like almost never) sees the image as an expression, but rather makes comments like it is fuzzy, or not sharp. And, I must say, often times she is right, but I feel she is missing the "feeling," the "emotion" behind the shot. So, now to what I'm trying to get at.

      The image below was taken with an older Minolta A-1 (BTW, 10 year old camera went kaput shortly thereafter) while on a Tanzania safari several years ago. Hadn't used the camera in some time and was in the throes of trying to better learn how to use it and also trying to learn more about photography, in general. So, as a consequence of my very amateur status, this picture of Kilimanjaro (note lack of snow) is fuzzy and out of focus, even after PP. But, to my eye, it still represents an image of feeling and may be worth printing...regardless of its lack of clarity. Truthfully, I'm not too ego involved with my photography, I just really enjoy the whole process. So, I'd very much appreciate your comments on the image...may they be good, bad, or indifferent, I have no problem handling them. And, many thanks to those who comment.

      Kilimanjaro, August 2013

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