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      Foveon disappointment

      Started 1 month ago | Discussions thread
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      geejay101 Regular Member • Posts: 342
      Foveon disappointment


      I have been toying over the last days a lot with my DP1 Merrill and spent even more time with software. SPP, Iridient Developer, Kalpanika and RawTherapee. I shot at 100 to 400 ISO, mostly flowers and nature.

      Unfortunately, after I pixel peeped into dark areas of photos in RawTherapee I decided that Foveon is not for me. The image was shot in 100 ISO.

      My conclusions:

      - The DP1M Foveon sensor produces a ton of noise.

      - SPP masks this noise with filtering and smoothing. Even with the lowest settings it is not possible to switch off the filtering and smoothing. Also in-camera JPEGs are heavily processed and hide the noise.

      - RawTherapee allows to inspect the raw files unfiltered and the noise becomes apparent. In RawTherapee one can clearly distinguish pixels while in SPP the data is so much smoothed that adjacent pixels almost flow into each other.

      The above leads me to the unfortunate conclusion that Sigma is well aware of the shortcomings of its sensor and therefore designed the SPP software so that one cannot see the noise.

      Also the famed crunchy look of the Foveon images seems to be purely a result of the initial smoothing and filtering and then sharpening on top of this smoothed image.

      To me this is a major disappointment because I had hoped Foveon would deliver something more than Bayer sensors. In fact the Foveon result looks very ordinary if one processes it in Rawtherapee without the heavy SPP data massaging. On top the huge noise is a major negative point.

      IMO Sigma should release publicly the source code of its raw processing engine so that one can judge the Foveon sensor output independently of Sigma.


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