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      I might be the 1st person to return the X-T4

      Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
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      Stone13 Regular Member • Posts: 248
      I might be the 1st person to return the X-T4

      Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I had temporary GAS, but I returned my X-T4. It was in no way a financial decision but more me taking a hard look at what and how I shoot. Having said that, the X-T4 is an absolutely fantastic camera and was a great upgrade to my X-T2 but I realized I just wasn't going to take advantage of the the upgrades.

      I've been shooting for over 30 years and the lack of IBIS has never been an issue even with the longest lenses. I shoot maybe 5 videos a year so those features while great would be rarely used. I will miss the better battery life but extra batteries are fairly cheap. Finally I just didn't like the flip screen, it's really sturdy just as good as the Canon flip screens but for shooting street, it literally sticks out like a sore thumb. Plus I might be the clumsiest person on the planet so if the flip screen can be broken, I would more than likely be the one to do it.

      I did still upgrade, I bought an X-T3 and the 10-24 which I've wanted for a few years for just a few hundred more than the X-T4 body only so I think I made the best decision for my style of shooting.

      The X-T4 is a fantastic camera but I wasn't really gaining anything relevant to my photography by buying it. IQ is my primary driver and the X-T3 is exactly the same in that regard.

      Should I have know all of these things before I bought such a high demand camera? Yes I should have but it is what it is. Hopefully someone gets a great deal on it used.

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