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      Articles tagged "video"

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      Video: Six DIY smartphone camera rigs made from household objects

      Unconventional and unsightly? Very much so. Effective? Most certainly. These six DIY smartphone rigs won't win any design awards, but they get the job done.

      DPReview TV: Panasonic G9 vs. Olympus E-M1 Mark III – who's the king of Micro Four Thirds?

      Title fight! In one corner we have the new Olympus E-M1 Mark III. In the other is the Panasonic G9 – two years old, but sporting an impressive mid-life firmware update. Find out who wins the battle for Micro Four Thirds supremacy!

      DPReview TV: What critical items does Chris stash in his camera bag?

      We all have our favorite essential gear that lives in our camera bags. Find out what DPReview TV host Chris Niccolls keeps in his when he and Jordan are out on a shoot.

      DPReview TV: Behind the scenes – telling a better story through cinematography

      This week, Jordan takes us behind the scenes of his short feature film, A Walk Down to Water. He and director Levi Holwell discuss the gear they chose for the production, as well as the importance of camera movement in storytelling.

      DPReview TV: How to clean your camera lens (hint: not like this)

      There's a right way and a wrong way to clean your camera lens. Naturally, we're going to show you the wrong way.

      DPReview TV: Fujifilm GF 45-100mm F4 OIS review

      The Fujifilm GF 45-100mm F4 OIS promises to be a professional standard zoom for Fujifilm's medium format system. Does it deliver the goods? Our review tells you what you need to know.

      DPReview TV: Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine review – Do you need an ultra-wide for video?

      Ultra-wide lenses pose special challenges when shooting video, but can create dramatic effects. We review the Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine lens, which shares the same optical formula as the company's 12mm F2.8 lens for full frame cameras.

      AVID Media Composer 2020.4 update moves to 64-bit, delivering support for latest macOS and Mac Pro

      AVID's popular Media Composer video editing software has been transitioned over to a 64-bit program, ensuring the video editing application will now work with the latest macOS devices.

      DPReview TV: Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6 2020 rematch!

      Have significant firmware updates changed Chris and Jordan's recommendations? Take a look at their updated entry-level full-frame mirrorless comparison.

      DPReview TV: Take better indoor portraits with natural light

      Want to shoot some portraits with great lighting while stuck at home? We show you how – and you probably won't need any new gear to do it!

      Watch 'My Friends Were Mountaineers', a film about photographer Dee Molenaar

      Dee Molenaar, a photographer, artist and icon in the Pacific Northwest mountaineering community passed away recently at the age of 101. Filmmaker and DPReview collaborator Eric Becker spent some time with Dee and his children before he died, and created a short film about Dee’s inspirational life. Watch it exclusively here.

      DPReview TV: Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 Di III VXD review

      Impressively compact and no slouch in terms of sharpness: Tamron's 70-180mm F2.8 for Sony E-mount shapes up to be a solid option for a7-series photographers.

      DPReview TV: Create beautiful abstract photos with polarized crystals (DIY project)

      Tiny crystals on a glass slide may look unimpressive to the naked eye, but with a macro lens and some polarizing filters they become magical. We show you how to make your own.

      Florian Ledoux's 'I Am Vital' is a short film fit for Earth Day

      'I Am Vital' is a short film from Florian Ledoux reminding the world about the importance of water and our disappearing glaciers in the age of climate change.

      DPReview TV: Canon EOS R5 video specs first impressions

      In this video we share our first impressions of the Canon EOS R5's impressive video specifications, as well as some other features that might get lost in the headlines.

      Canon EOS R5 video specs include 8K/30, 4K/120 with Raw, 10-bit H.265 and full AF

      Canon has revealed the video specs of its forthcoming EOS R5, including internal Raw capture of its 8K/30p footage. There's also full-width 4K at up to 120p with 10-bit 4:2:2 recording and full AF in all modes.

      DPReview TV: Nikon P950 hands-on review

      Nikon's Coolpix P950 features an incredible 24-2000mm equiv. zoom lens. But other than taking closeup photos of the moon, what's this camera that looks like a small bazooka good for? Quite a lot, it turns out.

      DPReview TV: The gear that changed Jordan's life

      DPReview TV host Jordan Drake tells us about the one piece of photography gear that changed his life. Find out why it may be the reason he's on the DPReview team today.

      Video: How a video production company turned an ambulance into the ultimate grip truck

      The two-minute video shares a behind-the-scenes look at how commercial film production company Threefold made an old ambulance the ultimate all-in-one film truck.

      DPReview TV: Fujifilm Acros 100 II film review (and samples)

      We shot Fujifilm's new Acros II black and white film in both 35mm and 120 medium format, developing it ourselves. We also compared it to Fujifilm's Acros film simulation. The verdict? We like this film!

      DPReview TV: Fun with bokeh

      Photographers throw the word 'bokeh' around a lot, but what exactly is it? Our resident mad scientist, Don Komarechka, takes us on a ride through a bokeh-rific world of creative possibilities.

      DPReview TV: The gear that changed my life

      We all have some piece of photo gear that changed the way we work. In this video, DPReview TV host Chris Niccolls tells us what product rocked his world. The answer may surprise you.

      Wet plate photographer shoots portrait of subject 4000 miles away via Zoom

      Marrying technologies invented over 150 years apart, U.S. photographer Shane Balkowitsch used the wet collodion process to photograph a sitter in London as she posed in front of her phone camera

      Video: How to capture abstract macro photographs using little more than paper and lights

      The 15-minute tutorial shows how with a few sheets of printer paper and a light source or two, you can create abstract macro photographs.

      DPReview TV: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art review

      The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN lives up to Sigma's 'Art' standard, giving first-party lenses for E-mount and L-mount a run for their money. We put it to the test and came out impressed.

      Update on the rankings from our recent 'Microphone pre-amp shootout'

      Following our recent microphone pre-amp shootout there was a lot of controversy surrounding the results from the Sony a7 III. Our team tested a second a7 III body to verify the results and discovered some important things that could impact the rankings – depending on what microphone you use.

      Canon's EOS M6 Mark II finally gets a 24p video mode via new firmware update

      Firmware version 1.1.0 addresses the lack of 24p (23.98fps) shooting and fixes a few bugs within the camera system.

      DPReview TV: How to look good and sound great on videos (and video conferences) from home

      Lots of people are suddenly working from home. For many, that means creating online videos for others to watch or logging time on video calls. We review some simple techniques to make your videos look and sound great, so you'll look more professional.

      A behind-the-scenes look at filming a Bugatti Chiron at 250mph/400kph

      Award-winning automotive filmmaker Al Clark talks about how he was able to capture a Bugatti Chiron accelerating from 0 – 250 mph.

      Video: How to make film developing chemicals using supplies in your home

      Photographer Brendan Barry is back with another tutorial, this one on developing photos at home using coffee, vitamin C, washing soda and salt.

      Apple's latest beta suggests ProRes RAW support for Adobe apps is coming to Windows

      ProRes RAW for Windows version 1.0 adds beta ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ support to Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Rush.

      DPReview TV: Mirrorless and DSLR microphone pre-amp shootout

      We invited a professional audio engineer to test the microphone pre-amps in cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Olympus. Find out which ones deliver the best sound.

      Video: How to turn any room in your house into a giant camera

      Stuck at home with not very much to do due to stay-at-home directives or quarantines? Here's how to use some old and odd lenses to turn your room into a camera.

      DPReview TV: We re-created bad product photography

      Like many photographers stuck at home due to the coronavirus, Chris and Jordan need a creative outlet. Let's see what happens when they try to re-create bad product photography from a kids' toy.

      DPReview TV: New show premiere! Host Don Komarechka combines photography and simple science projects

      We're adding a new show to the DPReview TV lineup! Host Don Komarechka will share simple science projects that can be replicated at home to create stunning images. Sit back, relax and watch a mad scientist at work.

      DPReview TV: Tamron 20mm F2.8 review

      The Tamron 20mm F2.8 DI III OSD M1:2 lens for Sony E-mount boasts close-focusing capability and a 1:2 magnification ratio. It's also incredibly affordable. Could this be a great wide angle macro lens for Sony shooters?

      Video: a BTS look at what goes into making a camera weather-resistant

      Have you ever wondered what goes into making a camera system water-resistant? Dave Etchells of Imaging Resource has the answers for you, as well as a BTS look at a bespoke testing rig.

      DPReview TV: Best budget lenses for Canon APS-C DSLRs

      New lenses are getting better than ever, but sometimes it feels like prices are rising to stratospheric levels. Chris and Jordan share their picks for the best budget lenses for Canon APS-C DSLRs.

      Canon confirms the EOS R5 will capture internal 8K/30p video, offer 'advanced animal AF'

      Canon Australia has published a press release confirming its upcoming EOS R5 mirrorless camera will capture internal 8K video at up to 30 frames per second and feature 'advanced animal AF.'

      Video: Ferrari sports cars, Formula 1 cars captured on-track with a Super 8 cameras from the 1960s

      Motorsport filmmaker Nick Shirrell was recently invited to Italy by Ferrari to capture Ferrari cars, both modern and old, with his trusty Super 8 camera. We had a chance to talk with him about the experience.

      DPReview TV: With new firmware, Nikon Z6 and Z7 autofocus gets closer to 3D AF tracking

      Nikon's firmware 3.0 update for the Z6 and Z7 includes AF improvements designed to replicate its class-leading 3D-tracking mode for DSLRs. We put it to the test to see how well it works.

      Nikon releases N-Log 3D LUT for its D780 DSLR

      Previously only available for Nikon's Z6 and Z7 camera, the new N-Log 3D LUT offers a great starting point for color grading N-Log footage captured on Nikon's D780 DSLR.

      The Fujifilm X-T4 is a portable, powerful 4K video rig

      The provision of in-body stabilization makes the X-T4 a capable self-contained video platform. The quality of its 4K sets high expectations but, while it's no GH series, it's an effective travel companion. See some sample footage and find out what it's like to use.

      DPReview TV: Battle of the entry-level APS-C mirrorless cameras

      A lot has changed since we last compared entry-level APS-C mirrorless cameras. In this 2020 update, Chris and Jordan compare the Fujifilm X-T200, Sony a6100, and Canon EOS M50. Which one is right for you?

      Video: Olympus shows off incredible photos from its 150-400mm F4.5 lens, hints at further lens developments

      The incredible images were captured with the Olympus 150-400mm F4.5 lens using the built-in 1.25x extender and an external 2x extender, giving it a 2000mm (35mm equivalent) focal length.

      DPReview TV: Scan film negatives with the Nikon ES-2

      Nikon's ES-2 film digitizing adapter promises to be an easy way of scanning slides and negatives. We tested it with a bunch of different film stocks and discovered that it works pretty well!

      DPReview TV: Shoot Pentax 110 lenses on Micro Four Thirds!
      Between 1978 and 1985 Pentax sold the Pentax Auto 110, a miniature SLR system built around Kodak's small-format 110 film cartridges. The 110 system is no longer with us, but its lenses are a perfect match for Micro Four Thirds. We discover the joy of using vintage Pentax 110 lenses on a modern digital camera.
      Hollywood filmmaker claims Apple won't let villains use iPhones in movies

      The fact is a spoiler that could ruin the surprise in future movies, but director Rian Johnson is okay with that.

      Video: Three types of photographers, illustrated by the 'The Grand Tour' trio

      Jeremy, Richard and James of The Grand Tour use a photo expedition in Columbia as a means to poke fun at three different types of photographers you might find out in the wild.

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